xAPI SSH Command Parser

I have a requirement for one of my customers who has onsite support staff for their VC environment who need to routinely do maintenance tasks like creating or modifying macros, pulling data, executing remote call test plans, etc. SSH is not available for all endpoints due to network restrictions, and the teams needed a way to have L1 or L2 staff write text or yaml files of simple codec xapi ssh commands which could be executed from an cli executable from their laptops.

To support the development of this tool, , I wrote an Python library to support parsing codec ssh commands into XML.

The libary has been uploading to PyPi and is available here:

The library has a single method to convert command strings into xml:

import xapiparser

xapi = 'xConfiguration Conference Encryption Mode'

In addition, a basic CLI interface is included:

$ xapiparser 'xConfiguration Conference Encryption Mode'

The source is on GitHub and is available here:


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