WebEx in Ubuntu 14.04+ for x64 systems

As per Cisco’s WebEx System Requirements specification, WebEx is only supported in x86 for Linux, and for Ubuntu specifically in 12.x and 14.x with Gnome.

However, most modern machines use the x64 architecture, so this does create a problem.  I had some fun sorting out this one ( I need it for work, so it’s pretty important I guess 🙂 ).  The steps to resolve are fairly well documented, and in summary are as follows:


  1. WebEx requires Java.  The WebEx system requirements guide says Java 6, but it works just fine (eventually!) in Java 8.
  2. Regarding browsers, Chrome just doesn’t work – walk away.  Need Firefox here!
  3. Java may require certain security exceptions in certain cases to get this working
  4. Even after initiating a Webex, in-meeting features such as audio, desktop share etc. are not going to work.  At the time of meeting initiation, WebEx will prompt the user to accept the download of a number of shared libraries (.so files)  to the user’s /home directory, that are stored under /home/myuser/.webex/.  These will contain package dependencies that will prevent most features from working, and should be addressed using this process.


There is however still a caveat listed here that needs to be taken into consideration.  It’s important to install the correct icedtea plugin to remove any conflicts:


sudo apt-get -y remove icedtea-7-plugin:i386 icedtea-netx:i386
sudo apt-get install openjdk-7-jre:i386 libxmu6:i386 icedtea-7-plugin firefox
sudo update-alternatives --auto mozilla-javaplugin.so


It definitely doesn’t look too pretty in Ubuntu, but hey, for my purposes (support) I’m happy it’s working!


4 thoughts on “WebEx in Ubuntu 14.04+ for x64 systems

  1. Thanks very much for this. Webex is also a requirement for me at work, and I was worried I was going to have to abandon 14.04.

    What are you doing for audio? In 12.04 I think I ended up uninstalling pulseaudio and using alsa instead, to get Webex audio to work. I haven’t tried that in 14.04 yet. I’ll probably just use either phone or Google Voice for the time being.


    1. Hi John

      Sorry for the delayed reply. I am still fighting the audio battle. Will update when I feel that I have a 100% working solution. I have resorted to other methods just as you’ve suggested as well! 😦

      – Jonathan


  2. I couldnt turn on webcam in WEbex meeeting. I m using ububtu 16.04. Any suggestion how to turn on web camera in Ubuntu System WebEx meeting


    1. Hi Jenisha

      Seems like there were some recent updates to WebEx since my post. I haven’t tried to resolve this recently. Will post an update if I look into this again and find a working solution.



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